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PDF is a digital document container that is still gaining popularity because the original document can be viewed just as it is regardless of the operating system you’re using. So, it’s a blessing that there are so many PDF converters out there. doDPF is one of them and it can convert practically any type of printable document to PDF format.

The program isn’t more difficult to use than printing a document. In fact, the application installs itself as a virtual printer that you can use as a real one, with the difference that you won’t be sending the document to a piece of paper and that, instead, an electronic copy will be saved to your disk. As a result, if a given application has printing capabilities, then, it’s possible to convert whatever contents are being viewed to PDF. Moreover, an additional tab in the Office ribbon can help you do the same. Likewise, you can convert any source document using the desktop converter. In all cases, the program allows you to customize page size, resolution, scale and orientation. Unfortunately, you cannot save those conversion profiles that you need to use repeatedly.

All in all, doPDF has the advantage of creating lightweight documents that allow text searching. Besides, embedding font subsets guarantees there’s no distortion whatsoever. And not only that, the tool can convert very fast without using a lot of system resources. However, the application regrettably doesn’t allow passwords protection, encryption or signatures. You should also bear in mind that this is a free version and its developers also offer a paid tool, called NovaPDF, which apparently has more features. One final note: if you’re using Microsoft Office, know that its latest versions allow exporting to PDF, and believe it or not, they support encryption and password protection.

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  • It’s very easy to use
  • It can convert any type of printable document
  • It embeds fonts so that there´s no distortion
  • It allows customizing the output document
  • It’s fast and uses few resources


  • It doesn´t allow creating conversion profiles
  • It doesn´t support password protection, encryption or signatures
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